Blackboard to WebWork

This page allows to automatically convert a Blackboard class roster into a WebWork one, so that all students of a class can be added to WebWork with just a few clicks.


  1. Go to Blackboard and select the class you want to import into WebWork
  2. Open the "Users and Groups" menu and select "Users"
  3. Go to the bottom of the page with the list of students and select "Show All"
  4. Save the HTML page using the "Save As" menu in your browser. Make sure not to use spaces in the file name!
  5. Upload the HTML file by selecting it with the "Browse" button below and then pressing the "Upload Blackboard file" button. You will be offered to download a text file named "WebWorkUsers.lst"
  6. Log on WebWork, go to the "File Manager" and upload there the text file "WebWorkUsers.lst".
  7. Switch to the "Classlist Editor", click on import, select WebWorkUsers.lst from the drop down menu and press "Take Action!".
At this point, all your students should have been added to WebWork. Both their login name and their passwords will be set by default to their student ID (without the initial '@').

Select file to upload:

If you notice any error in the output file, please let me know at